IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)

I am writing this letter to inform anyone who is suffering from the same condition I do. I have been unfortunately
blessed with a small intestinal bacterial over growth to which I will refer to as SIBO from here out. SIBO is a
condition and not considered a disease. I subscribe to an Internet group online and read about how these folks
suffer from IBS to Crone’s, to ulcerative colitis.  Apparently SIBO can be spawned by IBS and according to the
forum I visit it is closely related. The pain and suffering is not pretty. Usually when one has a SIBO it can be very
hard to have any kind of life. Most of the time food is your enemy. For me it was having to give up many things I
enjoyed such as a cup of coffee, (I used to drink 3-4 cups a day) raisin bran for breakfast, a fresh green salad,
milk shakes, any veggie raw, and my favorite foods, Chinese and Thai. Yes, I used to eat lots of spicy food and
some of my friends told me that is why this happened to me, but I know that hot peppers, garlic, and onions are
quite healthy for you. Over the past 30 or so years I have seen it progress little by little. I also had stomach flu
according to the doctors but it happened about 5 times in my life. Each time I remember being completely
drained of fluids and spent the entire 24 hours on or near the toilet being sick about every 10-15 minutes. I don’t
know if this contributed to my situation but I think it did. So soon about every 3-4 months I would be a bit sick to
my stomach to which I passed off as the food was not the best or a tad of salmonella.  I went on for years thinking
that was the case. About 10 years ago I noticed it happened about once every 2 months even once a month. What
was happening is I would get a feeling I had to use the restroom and needed immediate relief. When I was on
the road or in a place where I might be working it would strike.  So about 4 years ago I went to Dr Wang.  I had
met Dr Wang briefly during a visit for hip pain I developed playing Taiji Quan. I had all along asked doctors when I
went for other issues what was happening and every one said, “oh it’s IBS and there is nothing we can do.” It is
always disheartening when a doctor tells you there are not much they can do for you. Anyway Dr Wang treated me
for IBS and for a bit I was doing all right, but still now and then I would get the pain and the horrible feeling like
your stomach wants to jump out of your body. It took about 3 years to manifest into this SIBO. When I get sick I call
it an attack because it seems like your entire digestive system has crashed. It will last from 1hr to 2 – 3 days
when I get an attack.

It was 3 years ago I got a colonoscopy and I was confirmed I had IBS.  The doctors had to do it twice because the
first time I could not handle the pain from the procedure. The second time I was completely sedated and they
removed several polyps and a few were precancerous.  I went back to OHSU and saw a FNP and she had me
tested for hydrogen and to see how much hydrogen I produced. It turned out I produced a lot of hydrogen and I
was diagnosed positive for SIBO. She prescribed me Cipro for 10 days and this worked for a week and she had
me on flaygl for a week and that did nothing. She put me back on Cipro for 10 more days and it only lasted 4-5
days and I experienced another attack. I called back for another appointment and I was never responded to ever
again by that clinic. I was out of hope and I was scared that I would never be well for more than a week or two at a
time. So went back to Dr Wang again and told her that I had a SIBO. This time she had a different treatment for
me.  I asked if she knew about this and she nodded as she often does without saying a word. Her calm
reassuring voice reassured me she could do something to help me. I asked her if I was ever going to get better
after the second or third visit and she said, “Chris, you will get better.” I wasn’t so sure yet, but I had now gone 3
weeks without an attack. This was amazing. So the weeks stretched out into months and I had gone about 75
days with no problems and I induced an attack inadvertently by eating something out of my fridge that I let get bad
and didn't notice.
Dr. Wang had me come in right away and she gave me a cleaning herb that just made me feel great in no time.  I
wasn’t too sure about all the acupuncture either.  After 4 months of treatment I can now feel the accumulated
effect of the needles working for me and I have turned a major corner in my life.

Dr. Wang has done for me what a trained gastroenteroligist could not do.  In January this year 2 weeks after
starting with Dr Wang I had an appointment with my dorctor, a board certified gastroenteroligist even told me that
there is no cure and all he could do was to give another different type of antibiotic and I said no. I have been with
Dr. Wang since then and other than 3 episodes or attacks I have been well.  

I know I have a ways to go but I can now see this will soon pass and I can go about living normal again.

As for Dr. Wang I am not saying she is going to fix everything but she knows many things that western doctor
have no clue about. She is caring and does not treat you in same manner as a modern doctor does. She treats
you, not the symptom and, this is the difference between an eastern and western doctor. She doesn't  make you
wait, you can call and speak with her the same day. She goes out of her way to help. I was very lucky to find her
and I hope that if you suffer from any problem a doctor tells you he can’t cure you should see Dr. Wang. Yes she
has limitations, everyone does. I am not going to say she is going to cure stage 4 cancer or fix broken spinal
cords but, if you suffer from a condition and many diseases, Dr. Wang can help you!

--C. L.

Several years ago, I was suffering from diarrhea which was so severe I was unable to leave my home for very
long.  I was unable to eat at restaurants or social gatherings.  

In desperation, I sought help from China Acupuncture and Herb Center.  The acupuncture and herbs brought
about a cure.  I am pleased to state that China Acupuncture and Herb Center cured a digestive problem of

-- Helen D


After returning from Africa I developed a nervous/anxiety disorder that was believed to have come from a parasite
grasses and possibly something in a lake in Malawi. I lost 30-40 pounds, had continued panic attacks, could not
(due to dizziness), lost hair. I saw more doctors and had more tests than I can count and my case was being
by the Disease Control Clinic in Denver. I came to believe that I was dying. Dr Wang was my last resort. . . .
Nothing the other doctors tried helped. Dr Wang saved my life! I saw her every other day for a treatments for over
a year.
I'm happy to announce that w/ a lot of hand work by Dr Wang I'm my old self and have a full and health life.

-- S. A.

I have been a patient of Dr Wang for just over one year.  I sought help from her for anxiety, which had resulted in
high blood pressure.  My current medical doctor had diagnosed high blood pressure due to anxiety about 5 years
ago.  She prescribed a beta-blocker, but I still found it very difficult to relax enough to get a good blood pressure
reading.  Until I started seeing Dr Wang, my blood pressure readings were often above 180/85.
About a year ago Dr Wang began treating me with acupuncture and herbal medicine.  She also asked that I take
my blood pressure often relax before I do it.  After about one month I noticed marked improvement in the anxiety
and also with my blood pressure.  My blood pressure readings now are usually below 130/80.  This morning my
blood pressure was 127/72.

Lihua Wang is a dedicated, friendly and determined practitioner.  She has helped me considerably and I know
helped others with many different problems.

-- Thomas S.

Depression and Anxiety

I am a 25 year old male who had a car-accident on December 25th 2003.  I was attending college at the time and
was in a lot of pain.  During the duration of my time a Portland Community College I was struggling to pass many
classes because of this accident, struggling to pass many classes because of this accident.  All the physical
therapy prescribed by my doctor did not help with the myofascia disease triggered by the car accident that had
plagued my muscles for years.  It was May 2005 and it was my last term at PCC and I was so stressed out from
having to push myself through school and working at the same time that I could barely drive to school to listen to
lectures.  Finally my mother recommended acupuncture to me.  I tried it with immediate results for the first time at
OCOM.  Considering that students are the doctors at OCOM, I though I would try a certified acupuncturist and
herbalist.  The herbs she prescribed were for superior to the prescriptions by the doctors for my depression and
anxiety caused by years of pain.  All of the acupuncture treatments has allowed me to finally get back into the gym
to perform my exercises recommended by Arnold Shwartznegger's book of body building.  Thank you for the rapid

-- Jaden S.

I wanted to write to you and thank you for all your help! Before going to your clinic I was suffering from depression
and anxiety. Within one week (2 sessions) I immediately felt better. I was eating more, sleeping better, and was
much more energetic. For many years I have tried many different methods to deal with my anxiety and depression
and all it took was 2 sessions in your clinic! I will be recommending your clinic to all my friends and family!

--A. B.


Before the age of seven, my son was normal.  But after that age, his interactions with other gradually
deteriorated.  It became so bad that he have many daily episodes of extreme anger and he wasn't able to
converse with people at all.  Often he would curse at people  and he would even strike me and his father.  We
sought help everywhere, but Western medicine wasn't able to help us. Nothing worked.  We came to Dr Wang
and after three treatments, my son showed definite improvement.  Continued treatment has made him even
better.  He is no longer angry, no longer hitting anyone and can talk and laugh with us and his friends.  

-- C.C.    

Bi-Polar, Schizophrenia, Post Traumatic Stress Disorder

Western Medicine was not the answer for my gifted 28 years old daughter. Nothing helped her mental illness.
In a period of one year, she spent two months in psych wards of three different hospitals. At each hospital, she
was given a different diagnosis. One was bi-polar disorder.  Second was schizophrenia. Third was post-
traumatic stress disorder. The anti-psychotic medications made her sick, which then required 4-6 other meds to
counteract all the negative side effects. She had seizures, dizziness and nausea. Since the meds weren't
working, the doctors tried to withdraw them, which didn’t work either.  Everyday, for months, she only lies in bed,
hallucinating and suffering alternating bouts of anxiety, depression, and headache and stomach pain. She would
have panic attacks if she walked alone outside even for a short time. Meeting friends also caused panic
Dr. Wang spent a lot time with her. It was totally unbelievable to witness all the positive changes in her health.
After three treatments her physical symptoms, such as seizures, headaches, dizziness and nausea all
disappeared. After more visits she became functional with no hallucinating and for the first time in over a year
was able to think, read and use her computer. Then she was able to walk outside alone and started her social
life without panic attacks. She has even organized two music parties and traveled to another state. Meanwhile
she was able to work and got paid.  
Without Dr. Wang’s help and expertise I may not have my daughter today. She gave me daughter back to me. She
is an amazingly gifted person. She saved my daughter’s life.

-- S. H.
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