Shoulder Pain

I have experienced amazing results with acupuncture administered by Dr Lihua Wang.  My first visit to Dr
Wang was approximately 15 years ago when I had severe shoulder pain.  Five treatments later I was pain free
and it has never returned.

-- Sallie R

Ankle Pain

Recently Lihua Wang started working on my right ankle.  It had been rebuilt with pins, plates and screws
about 30 years ago.  Various orthopedic surgeons have looked at my ankle and each said even surgery
no help and that I should wait until medical treatments advances and then consider ankle replacement.  
Again acupuncture helped.  The very first treatment was felt from toes to fingers and my increased mobility is
beyond belief.  Now I am attempting to strengthen the ankle since it has been locked up for the last 30 years.  
To me this is just the beginning of a new life.  Even if I had only received about a quarter of the success from
these treatments, I would still be calling this a success.  What a wonderful gift I have received.  Thank you Ms

-- Terry P.

Back Pain

I have personally benefited from Dr Lihua Wang's expertise with traditional Oriental medicine and
acupuncture.  When she treated me for back pain, the results were immediate.  I'd entered her office with
intense muscle spasms, but left with only a slight dull ache, which dissipated overnight.  In fact  I felt so good
that I found it hard to behave myself and  take it easy for the rest of the day as she had recommended.

-- Sandy P.

Neck Pain

In 1991 I called Lihua Wang on the telephone and told her I had a stiff neck and I could not move it left or
right.  Before I had tried Chiropractic and never having been treated by an acupuncturist of such high status, I
wanted to be treated.  In 3 treatments, my neck moved better than it ever had in its life.  One day I ran into my
prominent Chiropractor and she could not believe that I had not been coming for chiropractic adjustments.  I
did not have the heart to tell her that I would not be seeing her again because acupuncture had found the key
to Bruce's neck problem.  It is now 2007 and my neck is still as good as it was when Lihua Wang treated me
back in 1991.

-- Bruce M.

I came to Lihua Wang's clinic for treatment of migraine pain.  Through her treatments, I experienced relief of
pain for an extreme migraine that had not responded to Imitrex tablets or shots.  I continue to receive
acupuncture treatment in order to improve/maintain mobility of my neck as well as treat migraine pain.  Both
have improved with acupuncture.  I am also using the herb cloths for my neck during the day and find them
helpful and soothing.  I like them enough that I've now bought my second set.

-- Nancy R

Quit Smoking

I smoked for more than 35 years, 1 1/2 to 2 packs a day.   With acupuncture treatments and herbs that
Lihua Wang gave me I was able to stop smoking very easily.

-- Daniel H

Sexual Health

I discussed with Dr. Wang my low desire for sex. When I engaging in sex, having difficulty achieving an
orgasm. After two treatment & herbs, my desire has really improved. I am always able to archive an orgasm.
My love-life has improved 100%. As women get older and our hormones changed, we don't have to settle for
lack of desire. Physical intimacy is an important part of our lives. I would recommend Dr. Wang's treatment to

-- B. Y.

At 57 yrs old and single after a 30 yrs marriage I realized that I had only been asked out by one gentleman in
4 1/2 years. I take very good care of myself. But it wasn't until I took Dr Wang's herbs did I started attracting
men. It was fun and uplifting. My life has been changed 180 degrees. I recommended these herbs to my
neighbors (who is a medical doctor) and, she experienced similar results. Try them! They're great!

-- Susan. A

Weight Loss

My son and husband both lost 35 pounds with Dr Wang's acupuncture + herbs.

-- S. A.

Women's Problems:  Abnormal Menstruation, Menopause, Low
libido, PMS

I came to Dr Wang for irregular menstrual period.  With a few treatments, I started having regular menstrual
period every month.  The treatments also helped reduced the PMS symptoms, and I no longer feel cold all the
time.  I also have stronger sexual desire, which never existed before.  Thank you Dr Wang.

-- M.W.

Dr Wang has helped me, with excellent results, with the following conditions: I first went to her for an itchy
rash that no dermatologist was able to correct.  With acupuncture and herbs the rash was controlled and
cured.  She also treated my menopausal symptoms very effectively without the use of hormone treatment
therapy.  I have also been satisfied with her treatments for arthritis.

-- Connie K.

I came to Lihua Wang several years ago when I was so sick with prolonged menstrual bleeding.  I was very
debilitated from having a period that had lasted over one month.  I remember how your acupuncture
treatments and herbs were able to stop the bleeding and return me to a monthly cycle.  I regained my
strength.  Then when I began to have more symptoms of menopause, hot flashes and nigh sweats I
continued acupuncture treatments and these symptoms were very rare.  I always feel so relaxed after my
treatments.  I continue to benefit now from monthly visits for acupuncture for menopause and I am so happy
that I have not had to resort to estrogen replacement therapy.  I hope more women who begin menopause
try acupuncture to help them through this time of their lives.  Thank you Dr Wang.

-- F.G.

Given what I'd read about the dangers of artificial hormones, I was reluctant to treat my peri-menopausal
symptoms using HRT.  After a few treatments (at Dr Wang's clinic), the muscle twitching and hot flashes I
experiencing subsided and in about 8 weeks disappeared altogether.

-- Sandy P.

Ulcerative Colitis

I was diagnosed with ulcerative colitis in 1998 and was prescribed Asacol, which worked well for almost two
years. I did’t believe my gastroenterologist when he told me that diet had nothing to do with my problem. So I
started looking for a natural cure when the medicine (Asaco and Rowasa) quit working and nothing in the
allopathic arsenal would work. I was not interested in what they called a cure-surgical removal of my colon!

Unfortunately, the world is full of shysters and crooks. My first foray into a natural treatment was “The maker’s
Diet” and garden of Life supplements. That religious angle can be an effective con. When I would call the
dealers to tell them the supplements were not working, they would say, “ Take more, and God bless you.”
I was so sick and disillusioned. After that, I went back to my gastroenterologist and he put me on Prednisone.
Almost immediately, that stuff made me wish I was dead.

Luckily, I found Lihua Wang, who has been treating me with acupuncture and Chinese herbs since April
2008. The results of the treatments are very successfully and with no side effects.

--D. W.

Urinary Tract Infection

I am writing to thank you so much for your excellent care with my recent illness, a urinary tract/kidney infection.
I feel your treatment and herbal remedies brought me back to balance, so my body could heal itself faster.  I
felt much better after your treatment and even better several days after taking the herbs.  Thank you very much.

-- John H.

. . . . I also went for treatment after I developed the symptoms of a bladder infection, but my M.D. found no
evidence of infection.  Dr Wang was able to treat the symptoms and the problem disappeared after only a few
treatments.  What a relief!

-- Sandy P

I came to Lihua Wang when I was so sick with prolonged menstrual bleeding. I was very debilitated from
having a period that had lasted over one month. I remember how her treatments and herbs were able to stop
and bleeding and return me to a monthly cycle. I regained my strength. I continue to benefit now from monthly
visits for acupuncture for menopause and I am so happy that I have not had to resort to estrogen
replacement therapy. I hope more women who begin menopause will try acupuncture to help them through
this time of their lives. Thank you Dr Wang!

-- F. G.


I have had bouts of vertigo several times over the past 11 years.  Nothing could help. Dr Wang has
successfully treated me with acupuncture and herbs.  I quickly got well and highly recommend her.

-- Kathy C.

Beginning at the age of 6, I have had a long standing vertigo condition that until 6 years ago, could not be
treated effectively. My symptoms would range from mild dizziness to 3rd degree vertigo and bedridden. From
3 hours of extreme vertigo, to years of on, and off vertigo in cycles of 3 days.

These sessions would come and go over the time, with no apparent reason. With the exception of a
noticeable ringing and damp slightly sick ear, there were no other clear connection to the vertigo.

My suspicion was that the vertigo was brought on after getting my ear wet, and not actually drying out, but
there was no immediate clear connection between when my ear got wet, and the bought of vertigo. This was
a chronic condition of great discomfort and disability for me.

6 years ago after having spells of vertigo on and of for 12 months, I made the decision to try yet another
doctor. This time it was Lihua, she gave me 3 acupuncture treatments and herbs, which to my great surprise,
and relief,  effectively cured the vertigo within a week! Now and then it has come back, but after a couple of
acupuncture and herb treatments it goes away as quickly, and stays away longer.

I can say happily now that I have been without this condition for more than 3 years!  Clearly this is nothing
short of miraculous, I have sought many doctors over the years, traditional and untraditional. Fortunately for
me Lihua knows how to treat my condition, would that I had known that sooner.

-- E.P.
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