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I started seeing Dr Wang about eight months ago.  I have been suffering from fibromyalgia since 1998.  The
worst pain has always been in my knees (where the pain first started) and my hips.  I also have several other
health problems which she is addressing one at a time.
Since 1998 I have relied heavily on prescription narcotics for the pain as that is the only way I could get any
relief.  I had been awakening, screaming in pain every single night for the last six or seven years.  After
unsuccessfully trying physical therapy, topical ointments, heating pads and several other remedies, my
doctors finally told me to try acupuncture.  I found Dr Wang and she started immediately working on my knees
with acupuncture.  She also gave me two cloth "sleeves" with herbs in them to wear on my knees at night.  
The acupuncture was helping, but I was skeptical about the "sleeves."  I noticed no difference in the first two
nights, then realized that for the first time in years I slept through the night without waking, screaming in pain.  
Now, I will not go to bed at night without these herbal "sleeves."  The pain in my knees has been reduced
greatly, from literally crippling pain to a minor annoyance at times.  Dr. Wang is also working on my hips and
she assures me I will enjoy the same results in time.  I have total faith that she is correct as the pain is
already less than what it has been for years.  There is no cure for fibromyalgia, no known cause, and I do have
"flareups" at times when I will take narcotics for the pain, but these "flareups" now last only a few days rather
than weeks at a time and the pain is not nearly as bad as it has been in the past.

-- Christine S.

Enlarged Prostate

Several years ago I reached the age where "enlarged prostate could be a problem," but other than frequent
urination including waking up about three times a night, I didn't think I really needed to be concerned.  
Then, in the last six months other problems arose, such as difficulty starting urination, urgent feeling to
urinate, incomplete urination, an erratic stream and slight shifting pains in my lower abdomen.  I didn't
connect these symptoms to prostate problems. I was thinking much worse might be going on.
I'm old enough and wise enough to know in times of great trouble to get myself down to Dr Lihua Wang.  
The first visit she assured me I had a fairly common condition (but not often talked about) and was easily
treatable with acupuncture and a mixture of seeds and beans for me to cook and eat at home.
With about a month of treatments and eating the magic beans, I am significantly better.  Not simply a case of
suppressing symptoms, but resolving the problem.  And I've lost some weight eating the good food mixture

-- M.R.

Hair Loss

My hair was falling out at an alarming rate.  Dr Wang gave me an herbal liquid to apply to my head two or
three times a day and my hair stylist is amazed at how much and how quickly my hair is growing back.  We
still have much work to do as I have so many health problems, but  I have total faith in Dr Wang and believe
her when she tells me to be patient, all will be well, because I have already seen so much improvement in my
condition in such a short time.

-- C. S.

High Blood Pressure

I have been a patient of Dr Wang for just over one year.  I sought help from her for anxiety which and
resulted in high blood pressure.  My current medical doctor had diagnosed high blood pressure due to
anxiety about 5 years ago.  She prescribed a beta-blocker, but I still found it very difficult to relax enough to
get a good blood pressure reading.  Until I started seeing Dr Wang, my blood pressure readings were
often above 180/85.
About a year ago, Dr Wang began treating me with acupuncture and herbal medicine.  She also asked that
I take my blood pressure often and relax before I do it.  After about one month I noticed marked
improvement in the anxiety and also in my blood pressure.  My blood pressure’s reading now is usually
below 130/80.  This morning my blood pressure was 127/72.
Lihua Wang is a dedicated, friendly and determined practitioner.  She has helped me considerably and I
know has helped other with many different problems.

-- Thomas S.


I had a stroke about 6+ years ago.  No movement on left side, taking lots of different meds for blood pressure,
heart, etc.  I also started Chinese herbs (from Dr Wang) about 4 years ago.  Now everything has improved very
I am taking less meds, sex drive is very strong.  I have lots more energy from all the herbs I take.  The best thing I
ever did for myself was to get to China Acupuncture & Herb Center.  Thank you.

-- B.L.

Infertility for Men and Women

I didn't know what to expect when I first went to see Dr. Wang. People have been telling me wonders acupuncture
have done to them, especially for fertility. I was not sure whether to believe or not. After about half a year of trying to
get pregnant, I have decided to give it a try. All I have to say is that it is amazing!!! I went for only a few weeks of
treatment, and I am pregnant! It is like a miracle. I have been now telling all my friends who had trouble getting
pregnant about Dr. Wang and her magic needles & herbs.  Dr. Wang has also provided me lots of healthy living
tips, it truly has been great!  Thank you so much for making this happen for me and my husband, Dr. Wang!

--L. L.

Acupuncture has done wonders for me.  I swear by it because I had problems getting pregnant.  We tried for
three years; I had surgery for an ovarian cyst and then I tried the fertility drugs and all.  It was not until I met
Lihua Wang and began acupuncture treatment that I became pregnant.  The herbs that she gave me helped me
have regular periods also.  Of course exercise, eating right and staying positive are all part of it too.  

-- Nancy C.      


. . . I have been treated for insomnia and prescription drug dependency.  It has taken some times, however, I am
finally sleeping without medication.  I had worked as a flight attendant traveling through many time zones unable
sleep properly.  I took 5 mg Xanax, 50 mg benedryl and 3 aspirin for nearly 20 years and upon retiring I definitely
wanted to somehow return to normal.  Dr Wang gave me acupuncture treatments along with good advice
exercise, routine and diet.  I am doing very well today without the drugs in thanks to Dr Wang.   

-- Sallie R

Myathenia Gravis

I suffered a drooping right eyelid due to Myasthenia Gravis. My right eye was completely shut for about one week. I
received a series of three Acupuncture treatments from Dr. Lihua Wang for this condition. These treatments
resulted in the opening of my right eye and its return to normality. The drooping eyelid condition has not returned.
The treatment was completely successful.

-- R.M PhD