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I originally started seeing Lihua Wang for allergy and asthma problems.  First, I would like to let you know that a
couple years ago I had FESS surgery on my sinuses.  Before the surgery and afterwards I had been on the regular
steroids and way too much prescription medication.  These problems had been with me for over 40 years.  
Originally, I hoped someday sinus-irrigating, colonics, and various natural remedies with or without medication
would help.  But I never had any real success.  My allergy doctor put me in a study for people with moderate to
severe asthma and I had twice weekly injections for a couple years.  Then I finally found an acupuncturist by the
name of Lihua Wang.  

I stopped all allergy and asthma prescription medications and injections while receiving acupuncture.  I was
amazed at the results in less than a month.  Today, I occasionally take some Chinese herbal supplements but not
regularly.  This is the first time since I can remember that I can really breath.  Yes, some odors and foods still
irritate me, but now I can smile and simply walk away or stop eating the item and I am fine.  

Several months after treatment the national clinic who paid me to be in the asthma survey called me.  They wanted
to know why missed the last appointments.  I informed them that since I started acupuncture the problem really
disappeared.  The person on the phone simply said they had heard other say the same thing about acupuncture

--Terry P.

Acid Reflux & Ulcer

I had acid reflux for many years & it caused some peptic ulcer.  I took some medicines but the pain & burning
feeling in the stomach remained.  After I have had some treatments from Lihua Wang, now I am amazingly almost
symptom free!  

--Michael L.

After returning from Africa I developed a nervous/anxiety disorder that was believed to have come from a parasite
from grasses and possibly something in a lake in Malawi.  I lost 30-40 pounds, had continued panic attacks, could
not drive (due to dizziness), and lost hair.  I saw more doctors and had more tests than I can count and my case was
being followed by the Disease Control Clinic in Denver.  

I came to believe that I was dying.  Dr Wang was my last resort. . . . Nothing the other doctors tried helped.  Dr
Wang saved my life!  I saw her every other day for a treatment for over a year.  I'm happy to announce that w/ a lot
of hand work by Dr Wang I'm my old self and have a full and health life.

-- S. A.


I have counted on your great care for me and my family since 1996, since my son was 6 years old.  At that
time we both had a serious lung/virus condition and could barely breathe, eat or sleep at night.  We were
pretty scared at the time and thank god we haven't ever been sick since.  Some virus was going around at the
time and everyone else ended up in their medical doctor's office on antibiotics.  We are so grateful for your
aggressive herbal and acupuncture treatments 3-4 days a week for the both of us and that we were able to
stay off Western drugs.  Since this time, whenever me or my family are ill or out of sorts we can always count
on you to help us.  In addition, your loving care and follow-up makes us feel that you are more than our family
doctor but a good lifelong friend as well; some one we can always count on to keep us health and practicing
preventive medicine.

-- Linda K.

Cancer Support

In 1996 I was diagnosed with colorectal cancer which had to be surgically removed.  After removal of the cancer I
again sought help from Acupuncture and Herb Center.  The treatments of acupuncture and herbs had left me free
from cancer since 1996.

-- H.D.

In 2000 I had stage three colon cancer.  After having surgery, I was informed that the cancer had gotten into my
lymph modes.   I underwent treatment that included the removal of the tumor and six months of chemotherapy.  
After about 8 weeks of chemo, my white blood cell count dropped below 3, which meant I couldn't have further
treatments until the white blood cell count improved.  This happened twice before I discovered Dr. Wang.  Her
treatments involved both acupuncture and Chinese herbs.   After starting with her, I never missed a chemotherapy
treatment.  In fact my white blood cell count improved each week of chemo.   
I couldn't take the Antinausea medicine that is normally given during chemotherapy but thankfully the acupuncture
treatments were a big help. I owe my thanks to Dr. Wang for helping me through this difficult time.  I have now been
cancer free for seven year.

-- Mary Anne

Crohn's Disease

Crohn's Disease has affected my life since 1991, when I was first diagnosed.  Prednisone, at the time
was the drug of choice.  Then on a to Mesalamine, then to enemas. . . .  The Prednisone worked almost
immediately, but it is really bad for your body.  The other meds worked, sometimes and then they stopped
working.  The worst part about Crohn's disease is the bathroom situation . . . . . ALWYAYS looking for the
restroom, because of the urgency to go, I had.  
Being concerned about the health of my body, I went in search of something new and perhaps natural.  
Then I found Lihua Wang's Acupuncture and Herb Center.  Lihua started me on a treatment of herbs that
she puts into a pad.  The pad is worn at night on my abdomen area while I sleep.  It was working within a
week!!!  I was stunned that something so "simple" could be so effective for me.  
Now I am very regular and have no cramping, bleeding or urgency.  Lihua Wang is very accommodating
and helpful to me.  Thank you.

-- Richard L.