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Wisdom for Being Illness Free

Not getting sick is everyone’s wish and dream. It’s the basic requirement for living a free, successful and meaningful life. Two Attitudes In trying to achieve health, people have two opposing attitudes: one is “Begging For Health,” the other is … Continue reading

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Reflexology – The Simplest Way to Quit Smoking

Our feet have a very important impact on our health. Various regions of them represent all parts of the human body. When any part of the body malfunctions, the problems are expressed in the corresponding part of the foot. To … Continue reading

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Joyful Weight Loss

                                                                                                                                   Everyone acknowledges that eating too much and not exercising enough is the cause of obesity.  It would seem obvious, therefore, that the key to losing weight is to eat less and exercise more, but strangely enough, I have encountered … Continue reading

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Disasters for Women Caused by Tight Shapewear

When I was fifteen, I had a girl friend who was beautiful, with luscious black hair, big clear eyes and great figure.  However, she felt her legs were too short.  Actually her legs were longer than mine.  So she started to … Continue reading

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Treating Stroke: Immediate Results Come From Confidence!

You must know that stroke is a medical emergency.  People who experience a stroke should definitely go the western doctors for immediate, often life-saving treatment.  But once their condition stabilized, combined treatment with Chinese medicine has better results compared to western medicine … Continue reading

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Treating Stroke — Different Endings of Poor and rich

Everybody thinks that wealthier patients will get better outcomes than poor patients because they can afford more and better care and treatments.  But this is not always true.  From my many years mediacl experince the post-stroke recovery are sometimes worse … Continue reading

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Conquer Depression — Become a Person Who Light Up Others

Chinese medicine often categorize patients into “hot” and “cold” excess or deficiency.  Those who have excess of “cold” need treatment that increase the “hot,” and vice versa.  I’ve seen many cases of depression.  Most of the cases belong to a “cold” type.  They are typically … Continue reading

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Self-Healing Has Unimaginable Power

All natural life has self-healing powers, such as plant after grafting, or earthworm cut in half.  Human body also has unbelievable power of self-healing.  This is something Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, had emphasized a long time ago.  Medical research from Germany showed that the body … Continue reading

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Let me Guide You to Better Health

During my various medical practices, I’ve tirelessly advised my patients that if they want to be healthy they must have healthy life habits.  However, I confess I had rarely followed my own advice; I exercised very little, ate fatty food, … Continue reading

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