Self-Healing Has Unimaginable Power

All natural life has self-healing powers, such as plant after grafting, or earthworm cut in half.  Human body also has unbelievable power of self-healing.  This is something Hippocrates, the father of Western medicine, had emphasized a long time ago.  Medical research from Germany showed that the body can heal 60-70% of all disease.  Every region of the world has heartening stories of cancer patients foregoing conventional medical treatment and make miraculous recoveries from self-healing.  The power of self-healing came from regulation of inner abilities of human body and evolved through long process derived from nature.  Mostly, the treatments from physicians merely support and augment the our bodies’ natural abilities of healing. 

We need to have faith in self-healing.  It is a highly responsible and extremely skillful doctor.  It can sensitively detect all the abnormal signals from the body.  At the slightest imbalance or illness, it would use its most powerful weapons, which include immune system, healing, revival, compensation, endocrine system, sympathetic system, to regulate all the body’s function and prepare for battle.  An simple exampple of this would be when humans ate something unclean, their natural instinct would be to start vomiting or diarrhea to get rid the poision. 

It can be said that our boy contain all the medicine in the world.  Many people don’t know this or don’t believe it.  Too often even a little bit of illness would prompt taking pills.  Imagine the body as a city.  To protect the city, an elite army, with wide array of sophisticate weapons, stands ever at ready.  There are soldiers responsible for communications, transportation, artillery, assault and cleaning.  The army is capable of waging the most cruel wars.  Once actual war erupts — once you are sick — for an illness as small and light as a mosquito you can despatch one soldier to squash it.  However, the whold world and society are telling you that you are sick, you are sick, you must go take medicine.  What so often happens is that you let your soldiers sleep and instead rent heavy artillery from the outisde to kill of the mosquito.  The mosquito is killed but the city itself is heavily damaged and requires a long time for repair.  Worth it?

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3 Responses to Self-Healing Has Unimaginable Power

  1. Margie Lee says:

    I love your blog! These essays are very helpful. The body self healing makes total sense. Think of all the things people get and get over. I had the flu a few weeks ago and I know my body was fighting it. I had a sore throat and I drank tea and rested in bed. In three days it went away. I kept thinking, I should go to the doctor. But I trusted my body and then I got much better in a week. Thank you for this essay!

  2. Carey Ann says:

    Thank you for this very touching and straightforward article. Your honesty is commendable and I think that you have said what many doctors are afriad to say. There is an old quote, “Patient, Heal Thyself.”

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