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Lihua Wang acquired formal medical education in both
Chinese medicine and western medicine, at Beijing
University of Chinese Medicine in China.

Later on she began her career as a cardiologist in the China
Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences in Beijing, where she
practiced integrative medicine, combining both Western and
Traditional Chinese medicine.  In 1982 she was invited by
Kaiser Permanente Research Center as a visiting scholar.  

After returning to China and more practicing, she was
invited by the Oregon College of Oriental Medicine to teach
acupuncture and Chinese herbology and to be a clinical
supervisor to American students for four years before
starting her private practice in Chinese Medicine in 1992 in
Portland, OR.  

Throughout the years, she successfully helped many
patients whose illness had exhausted all other treatment
options everywhere, such as schizophrenia, bipolar
disorder, anxiety/depression, hypertension, stroke,
insomnia, infertility, bladder infection, prostate problem and
autoimmune disorders. She also treated numerous pain
cases, the condition acupuncture is best known, such as
migraine, fibromyalgia, back, neck, joint pain and  sciatica.   

Chinese medicine does not solely comprise of herbs and
acupuncture. It encompasses a belief that human being
need to be in balance with nature and universe. Health is
only possible when the body is in harmony with the outside
world.  When Lihua Wang treats her patients, she
simultaneously advise and guide them toward a more
balanced and harmonious life.

In 2006, Lihua Wang has written a book: Chinese Home
Remedies.  It sprang from her clinical experience and it is
the author’s hope that the suggestions it contains will help
the readers as did her past patients. The book has already
been translated into twelve foreign languages.
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